WINNECONNE, WIS. – Automated machinery manufacturer Multi-Conveyor unveiled its latest innovation, an adjustable height conveyor for common top of case packing.

The company shared that its engineering team designed the entire discharge end of the conveyor solution to raise or lower as needed based on the height of the empty cases that are heading into a downstream stationary case packer.

Multi-Conveyor’s newest concept makes use of a single hand wheel that manually adjusts the height of the conveyor discharge end. The company said it may be raised or lowered more quickly with a drill motor and hex bit.

The innovation may be used to adjust the conveyor elevation for any of three staggered height cases on a single line system, the company said.

Designed to make one line accessible for product changeover without separate case packing equipment, the height may be adjusted as needed throughout the process.

Multi-Conveyor also said the case erector discharge end has stationary supports with adjustable articulating feet and a single bolt mounting tab to anchor it to the floor. The company pointed out casters were used for pivoting vertical curve assemblies at infeed, allowing for “very slight incremental movements.”