GREEN BAY, WIS. – Mozzarella remains one of America’s favorite cheeses, and producers continue to come up with new products in the category to entice grocery shoppers.

New from mozzarella specialist BelGioioso Cheese is a sliced Baking Fresh Mozzarella, which comes in a 1 lb log.

It’s made with a lower moisture level, making it perfect for baking in pastas and on pizzas or panini, said BelGioioso’s Sofia Auricchio Krans.

The company also recently introduced a marinated mozzarella product: ciliegine balls in an olive oil marinade flavored with fresh basil and garlic.

Meanwhile, two longstanding mozzarella products from BelGioioso — Pearls, particularly the smaller sizes, and Sliced Fresh Mozzarella — remain staples in consumers’ refrigerators, Auricchio Krans said.

“People love the convenience and different options of pack sizes.”

BelGioioso’s fresh mozzarella line has undergone major evolutions over the years, Auricchio Krans said. The company started with water-packed 8 oz balls in a cup, then later added mozzarella in a vacuum pack (thermoform with no water).

After that came the convenience revolution of pre-sliced offerings and a variety of different sized balls. A certain dish played a big role throughout, Auricchio Krans said.

“As consumers were introduced to the caprese salad, fresh mozzarella became one of America’s favorite cheeses. They love the mild, fresh flavor that BelGioioso offers.”