BOWLING GREEN, KY. — Bluegrass Ingredients, Inc. introduced six butter and cream concentrate products. The company said its concentrates are created using a variety of processes, including enzymolysis, reaction flavor processes and culturing. 

The products include cream cheese concentrate, buttermilk concentrate, butter concentrate, brown butter concentrate, buttermilk concentrate and whole milk concentrate.

Bluegrass said by using these processes it helps create products that may retain the rich, creamy taste of butter, but in a different form.

“We know the demand for butter and cream is strong both domestically and globally,” said Chad Mitchell, director, business development, concentrates, at Bluegrass Ingredients. “Consumers’ preference for natural and high-quality fats has kept consumption high and caused many food manufacturers to develop new products with butter instead of other oils.”

Mitchell added: “At the same time, decreased milk production, rising input costs and extreme weather events have created lower supplies. We are thrilled to offer options for our customers that help them navigate these shifting realities, while partnering with them to utilize these ingredients in innovative applications and end products.”