SACRAMENTO, CALIF. — Strive is partnering with TurtleTree to expand its product line beyond its fermentation-derived protein product FreeMilk to include an immunity support beverage and a ready-to-mix protein powder.

Strive is a food and beverage nutrition company that creates protein products using precision fermentation whey protein, according to the company.

TurtleTree is a biotechnology company that also uses precision fermentation technology for its food and beverage products.

The immunity support beverage, which is aimed at adult nutrition, and the ready-to-mix protein powder will include TurtleTree’s animal-free lactoferrin.

The immunity support beverage will come in an 8 oz carton, and feature 12 to 15 grams of fermentation-derived whey protein and 250 mg of fermentation-derived lactoferrin.

The beverage also will feature 23 vitamins and minerals aimed at aging adults, the company shared.

“We created these products for a first launch into adult nutrition for consumers who are concerned about longevity and wellness,” said Dennis Cohlmia, chief executive officer at Strive. “The health attributes of bovine lactoferrin and colostrum are extensive and becoming more known to the general public. Now we can have an animal-free lactoferrin with prebiotics that is made through precision fermentation, vegan-certified and is cruelty free. We’ve known the team at TurtleTree for several years and have worked closely with them as they have developed the LF+. They are the only company with a commercial product that meets FDA self-GRAS.”

Added TurtleTree CEO Fengru Lin: “We are looking forward to supporting Strive with our lactoferrin in order to continue providing their target audience with more functional food products to support longevity.”

The products are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2025.