CHICAGO – Bel Brands USA announced it is expanding its line of plant-based cheese products, and soon will roll out Babybel Plant-Based, which is scheduled to become available in March.

Bel also produces Boursin Dairy-Free, as well as a completely plant-based line called Nurishh.

The new Babybel Plant-Based was designed to follow in the footsteps of traditional Babybel, and developed to taste like mozzarella. The dairy alternative is certified plant-based and vegan, as well as non-GMO project verified. Rather than Babybel’s classic red wax coating, Babybel Plant-Based will come with a green coating.

"At Bel Brands USA, we believe we can set the tone for the future of the cheese industry through a consumer- and customer-centric approach to innovation that focuses on products that meet evolving demands, even as those demands continue to shift," said Shannon Maher, chief marketing officer, Bel Brands USA. "To get plant-based cheese right, you need to know what makes cheese cheese. And that's exactly what (consumers have) trusted us to do for over 150 years."

Bel also announced its line of plant-based Nurrish products is growing. It soon will include a Cream Cheese Style product (in plain or chive), Cubes in Cheddar Style and Hot Pepper Style, Parmesan Style Shreds, Hot Pepper Style Slices and variety packs of slices that come with Cheddar Style and Mozzarella Style. The new Nurrish products will go on sale in spring of 2022.

While it won’t be hitting shelves quite as soon, Bel also announced The Laughing Cow Plant-Based is scheduled to become available in 2023.

"It's no secret in the dairy industry that cheese is one of the most technically challenging spaces for dairy alternatives because of its complexity,” said Katie Halgerson, Babybel development platform manager, Bel Brands USA. “And the plant-based cheese category has largely struggled to deliver offerings that are delicious, accessible and meet consumers' expectations of cheese – until now.”

Bel’s plant-based product lines also include Boursin Dairy-Free, which debuted in October 2020.

Select retailers nationwide will have Babybel Plant-Based for sale beginning in March. Existing flavors of Nurishh Shreds & Slices are available for consumers at Stop & Shop and Giant Foods. Additionally, Boursin Dairy-Free can be purchased at Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Kroger, Albertson's, Acme, Giant Food and other retailers throughout the US. Boursin and Nurishh products are also available through foodservice distributors for professional usage.