VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Freezing and cooling equipment manufacturer FPS Food Process Solutions Corp. announced the appointment of three senior level employees within its company.

FPS elevated Richard Quélo to general manger, Europe, named Jason MacDougall director of global procurement and promoted Jason Cathey to director of service, US operations.

In his new role, Quélo will focus on the company’s growing business operations and be in charge of its European sales division. FPS also will have Quélo plan growth strategies and take the company’s hygiene and food safety standards to European markets.

Quélo has spent more than 25 years in the food industry, with experience in food and beverages, bakery and potato products.

MacDougall’s job entails mapping out best-in-class procurement functions that will bolster the company and its global expansion, with a focus on such elements as cost management, supplier partnerships and bulk purchasing negotiations.

FPS leadership described MacDougall, who has worked in the realm of purchasing and business operations for more than 30 years, as “integral to ensuring a secure, global supply” for the company’s entities.

Cathey first joined FPS in January 2020 as its business development manager. Now he will lead technical service support, audits, site visits and customer relationship management for the Canadian company.

A former maintenance manager with Tyson Foods, Cathey possesses more than 20 years of experience within the food processing industry.

Jeffrey Chang, president of FPS, said the appointments are indicative of the company’s growth in worldwide markets.

“Europe is transforming its food industry, where hygiene and food safety standards will push boundaries and expectations,” Chang said. “In addition, we need to keep ahead of the game when it comes to ensuring global supplies are secure, competitive and meet customers’ needs. On top of that, providing the highest in customer service and technical support in the US market gives that much more value to our clients. That is our continued promise.”