HERNDON, VA. – A recent PMMI white paper called attention to how a growing number of consumer packaged goods companies are making use of robots and cobots.

Data from the report – Robots & Cobots, An Automated Future – showed that 84% of CPG companies use robotics somewhere in their production. What’s more, that number is projected to grow to 93% in the next five years, per PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies.

While the most recent numbers show that cobots – collaborative robots designed to work with employees – are utilized by 27% of CPG companies, the report expects the adoption of that technology to take off in the next few years and more than double to 57% by 2027.

Currently, CPG companies install robotics in order to reduce labor and repetitive tasks, increase speed and productivity, achieve repeatable quality and consistent products, improve operator safety and minimize waste and human error, the report pointed out.

The appeal of implementing applications for robots, PMMI shared, comes from the advancements that have made the technology more efficient and easier to use in packaging and processing settings.

While the report highlighted that investing in robot and cobot technology is more affordable for companies now than it used to be, it also presented some of the obstacles involved, such as support for integration, training and service, and identifying appropriate applications.

Robots and cobots for processing, packaging and transporting will be on display at PMMI’s PACK EXPO International, from Oct. 23-26 in Chicago. More information is available online at the PACK EXPO website.

The full white paper on robots and cobots can be accessed and downloaded on the PMMI website.