BOGOTA, COLOMBIA – Automation machinery manufacturer Omnicon is partnering with chocolate producer Barry Callebaut to put more efficient operations into place.

A team of Omnicon engineering experts is working with Barry Callebaut on manufacturing execution systems (MES) at plants throughout the world, creating reports and dashboards with newly imported PLC data.

Per Omnicon, the project involves AVEVA MES Suite and PLCs from Rockwell Automation and Siemens.

“Omnicon has the resources and skills that are compatible with what we need around all aspects of MES implementation, going from modifications on the PLC to the MES design, development and integration,” said Bram Van Genabet, a corporate digital innovation manager at Barry Callebaut. “When we need additional resources, they are usually able to meet those needs quickly. They have an edge over their competition in terms of agility. As a result of our digital transformation initiatives, we are identifying potential capacity and throughput increases in production processes.”

Since July 2022, Omnicon shared, the work has enabled various Barry Callebaut plants to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure chocolate production with dashboards and reports, which help the company identify and address any issues in the production process.

Omnicon said its primary objective is to optimize machine efficiency, measure material movement and maximize process efficiency across Barry Callebaut’s organization.

“At Omnicon, we are proud to continue providing our expertise and resources to assist Barry Callebaut in their MES implementation and digital transformation initiatives,” said Daniel Gomez, chief operating officer. “It is rewarding to see our work making a tangible impact on their operations, with increased efficiency and stability in production processes. Our ability to quickly address and resolve technical challenges and communicate effectively with teams across the globe has been a significant factor in our success.”

Having team members that speak both Spanish and English proved to be advantageous, Omnicon added, while working with an international organization.

“Barry Callebaut is a worldwide example of best practices and good understanding of the main KPIs of the business,” said Rafael De Vega, account manager at Omnicon. “They know that processes are always susceptible to improvement, and they understand that to generate greater positive impacts on production and return on investments, the key factor is timely information that leads to timely and accurate decisions. It has been great to work hand in hand with a company that is so passionate about constant improvement and that keeps its eyes on the future.”