WASHINGTON – The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) will showcase some of the country’s most popular ice cream flavors, novelties and toppings at its annual Capitol Hill Ice Cream Party.

The event for food and agriculture professionals, which IDFA said attracts thousands of guests, including members of Congress and executive branch officials, will be on the National Mall on June 21.

IDFA partnered in 2022 with Research America, Inc., on a study of US ice cream data and trends. The survey identified chocolate, cookies n’ cream, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate chip as the top flavors among consumers.

It also identified sandwiches as the most popular novelty product at 48%, while cones gathered 21% of the votes and sticks/pops had 12%. Further breaking down preferences, the survey found 32% of consumers like their ice cream in a waffle cone, while 12% prefer a sugar cone and 37% eat out of a bowl. Chocolate sauce registered as the most popular topping at 26%, with caramel at 18%, nuts at 15% and sprinkles at 14%.

Per IDFA’s Dairy Delivers economic impact report, US ice cream makers contribute $13.1 billion to the US economy and support 28,800 dairy industry jobs.

“Ice cream is as bipartisan as you can get,” said IDFA president and chief executive officer Michael Dykes. “IDFA’s Capitol Hill Ice Cream Party is our way of showing appreciation on behalf of America’s dairy producers and dairy foods makers to public servants, members of Congress and all the individuals working in Congress and in our federal agencies.”

The 39th edition of IDFA’s event will be from 4 to 6 p.m., June 21, at Union Square Park on Capitol Hill.