CERRITOS, CALIF. — T. Hasegawa USA has launched its Boostract natural flavor modifier in North America.

Boostract was designed to enhance the effect of kokumi — the Japanese term for “rich taste” — while maintaining balance between different flavors, according to the company. It may be used to amplify taste characteristics across a range of applications, including protein bars, ice cream and fruit-flavored beverages. It also serves as a masking agent and may eliminate unwanted flavor notes in confectionery products, functional gummies, coffee beverages and more.

The flavor modifier is developed through three different mechanisms, including extraction, enzyme and thermal reaction technology, which may be used alone or in various combinations depending on the food or beverage application.

It is available in dairy and non-dairy varieties in both liquid and powdered forms, with a tomato-based variety set to launch in the future. The company also is developing additional varieties, including vanilla, chocolate, coffee, tea and seafood.