LUTZ, FLA. – X-ray systems manufacturer Eagle Product Inspection shared that its Pack 320 PRO brings x-ray analysis to the dairy industry.

Specifically, the machine’s makers said it is “ideal for inspecting small to mid-sized packaged products where inspection performance is critical.”

Along with contaminant detection in dairy products, Eagle PI said the technology detects voids in wrapped cheese blocks, missing or broken slices in packaged cheese, fill level and contaminants in yogurt, and missing components in butter packs.

The company noted its Pack 320 PRO performs multiple quality control checks in a single pass, addressing contamination detection, mass measurement, package integrity and component counts. Plus, the technology helps avoid product giveaway with mass and weight measurement capabilities. In the realm of quality control, Eagle PI said the machine identifies and rejects deformed packaging, as well.

The Pack 320 PRO comes equipped with imaging and processing software that delivers high resolution, detailed x-ray images, while another program records crucial production data and machine status details. All pertinent data and images are stored for viewing and/or transferring to other devices.