Amcor recently released three new film products for the cheese packaging industry. Amcor’s 40lb block optimized tubestock solution keeps our customers’ products protected and their operations running smoothly.  Compared to other thicker products in the market, Amcor provides material savings, labor savings, less down time, and reduced environmental impact, while also improving performance and product protection.

Amcor bulk block cheese packaging dairyPhoto: © Amcor 2024

Amcor is currently developing a solution to take that optimized tubestock film and create pre-made pouches for our customers.  This new solution will still deliver material savings and improved sustainability, and is targeted towards cheese processors that don’t have the capability to produce bags in-line using tubestock.

Amcor also is working on a solution to take optimized tubestock film to create pre-made pouches, which will still deliver material savings and improved sustainability but is targeted toward cheese processors that don’t have the capability to produce bags in-line.

The Amcor ICE XP coextruded forming films are produced using a proprietary coextrusion process that delivers production efficiency, product protection and consumer appeal. ICE XP films deliver enhanced performance for deep and critical draw applications, including fresh Mozzarella balls and loaves. It also offers downgauging from heavier competitive films without compromising on performance, as it provides high puncture and abrasion resistance for difficult applications.

Amcor Bulk Shred cheese dairyPhoto: © Amcor 2024

The next generation bulk shredded cheese film for foodservice applications maintains the performance customers want while also delivering cost savings compared to other bulk shred packaging options. The bulk shredded cheese film protects freshness and flavor of the product and is designed to deliver superb machinability and excellent sealing properties while withstanding abuse, abrasion and puncture resistance throughout the distribution process.

Amcor, a global leader in packaging with a strong heritage and legacy in the dairy industry, continues to invest in the future of dairy packaging to enhance capabilities, leverage new technologies and innovation, and deliver meaningful expertise and insights to our customers.

With our focus on innovation and pledge to sustainable packaging, Amcor is driven to deliver packaging solutions in the future without compromising performance.

When working with Amcor, sustainability-focused brands can explore our ASSET life cycle assessment tool, which measures sustainability improvements when a more responsible packaging solution is chosen. ASSET allows brand owners to make data-driven decisions, comparing two packages and measuring the carbon footprint, energy and water demands of each.

At Amcor’s Innovation Center in Neenah, Wisconsin, we offer our customers access to Catalyst™ collaborative innovation, a perfect blend of insight, creativity and engineering that delivers meaningful and pragmatic packaging design, helps customers to accelerate growth, and moves brands forward. Catalyst™ is designed to save time, reduce risk, and improve outcomes on the journey from concept to reality.   We bring all the right parties to the table to translate market trends and consumer needs into executable packaging solutions that will delight consumers, increase speed to market, and unlock growth.