LOS ANGELES — A new super-premium ice cream has arrived, and the minds behind it are supermodel and businesswoman Tyra Banks and ice cream scientist Maya Warren, PhD.

Smize Cream is a custard-style ice cream that features a cookie dough truffle covered in naturally colored sprinkles in every pint. The treat is launching with seven flavors, and more are on the way, according to the company.

The Best Vanilla I Ever Had is a vanilla custard-style ice cream with a fruity cereal cookie dough truffle in the bottom.

“When I first tasted this in our test kitchen, I said, ‘This is the best vanilla I ever had,’” Ms. Banks said. “Later, I shared it with a man walking by and he said, ‘This is the best vanilla ice cream I’ve ever had.’ So you know I had to name it that.”

The Strawberry BirthYay! Cake flavor features strawberry ice cream with cake pieces and colorful sprinkles plus a sprinkle birthday cake cookie dough truffle.

The Brownies, I Love You variety includes milk chocolate ice cream, brownie pieces, brownie batter bites and fudge. The pint contains a chocolate blueberry cookie dough truffle.

Tyra Banks and Smize CreamThe Purple Cookie Mon-Star & Me is a purple sweet cream ice cream with Oreo cookie pieces and a cookies and cream cookie dough truffle in the bottom.

The Chocolate Barbeque flavor features smoked chocolate ice cream, brownie pieces, roasted almonds and a bourbon cookie dough truffle.

The Salted Caramel King variety is made with salted sweet cream ice cream, butter-roasted pecans and salted caramel butter. The pint contains a salted caramel cookie dough truffle.

The Caramel Cookie Queen ice cream includes vanilla ice cream, caramel butter cookies and a salted caramel swirl with a toffee caramel cookie dough truffle in the bottom.

“Ever since I was a little girl, my mama and I have been obsessed with the creamy, crunchy, ooey-gooey comfort and delight of ice cream,” Ms. Banks said. “Everybody has their own unique stories and moments with ice cream at the center of them — hot summer days, celebrations, even broken hearts — but ice cream always made it better.”

Smize Cream is available on the brand’s website and at its first ice cream shop location in Los Angeles.