LONDON — Beginning with chocolate chips, The Supplant Co. is launching inclusions made with sugars that come from fiber.

Utilizing the fiber-rich parts of crops that don’t typically make it into food, Supplant sugars from fiber cook, bake and caramelize like traditional sugar, with fewer calories, a low-glycemic response and prebiotic benefits, according to the company.

Supplant chocolate chips are geared toward commercial partners for direct wholesale purchase, including foodservice and CPG brands, with various applications spanning bakery, frozen dairy and non-dairy products.

“As we evolve our offering to better serve our commercial partners, we found that producing and distributing premium confectionery inclusions, such as chocolate chips created with Supplant sugars from fiber, grows our footprint and impact,” said Tom Simmons, founder and chief executive officer of The Supplant Co. “Expanding our offering beyond a raw ingredient to inclusions and CPG products furthers our mission to create a whole new category of ‘sugars from fiber’ and ultimately reduce the demand for cane sugar while providing a solution to agricultural food waste.”