CONESTOGA, PA. – After teasing earlier this year an upcoming mystery flavor, Turkey Hill disclosed its newest ice cream: Blueberry Pancake.

The company first announced the launch while keeping the ingredients a secret. The promotion leading up to the reveal included a sweepstakes, with online clues related to maple syrup, blueberries and pancake batter.

"Turkey Hill is all about creating deliciously fun moments families can share together," said Kriston Ohm, vice president of marketing for the company. "Through Mystery Flavor, we were able to capture the spirit of a fun challenge the whole family could be a part of, bringing a little bit of joy and excitement to their day.”

Anyone who correctly guessed the breakfast-themed flavor ahead of time was entered into Turkey Hill’s contest, with a chance to win ice cream for life.

The limited edition Blueberry Pancake flavor is now available at retailers throughout the United States, with a starting SRP of $4.29.