OAKDALE, MINN. – QualiTru Sampling Systems announced the promotion of Anne Bigalke to the role of vice president of strategic development.

Ian Davis, chief executive officer for the sampling technology company, which specializes in the food and dairy industries, said Bigalke in her new position will help QualiTru “continue transforming toward even greater growth and market expansion.”

Davis added: "Anne has played a pivotal role in QualiTru's systems becoming the most trusted method for gathering aseptic and representative milk testing samples for thousands of large dairy farms, haulers and food processing plants across the world.”

The company also announced Barbara Grayes joined the company as its new vice president of sales. Davis said Grayes, who has more than 30 years of sales experience in the dairy, food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial industries, will play “a critical role in helping our customers address the many demands of the rapidly evolving food and dairy production environment.”

The Minnesota-based company, Davis added, is investing in employees, partnerships, new markets and technologies. He also noted QualiTru is increasing its partnerships with universities to research sampling best practices and conduct field case studies.

"Food producers face extraordinary challenges, ranging from increased automation to exports, sustainability investments, volatile pricing and extended shelf-life requirements," Davis said. "QualiTru plays an increasingly important role in partnership with these companies, advancing in-process data collection to help them achieve more consistent product quality and availability."