KINDERHOOK, NY – Maple Hill, which grew to become the largest organic and 100% grass-fed milk brand in the United States, has announced their new reduced sugar, grass-fed organic chocolate milk. 

The milk, which boasts 25% less sugar than other leading chocolate milk brands and 8 grams of protein, is made with Fair Trade Cocoa. The company said the beverage is ideal for anyone who is looking to enjoy chocolate milk without unhealthy ingredients.

“For many years, we have heard from our consumers that they want great tasting products that help reduce the amount of sugar in their families’ diets,” said Carl Gerlach, chief executive officer of Maple Hill. “We listened and are happy to help with their low sugar journey, something that has been a part of our dairy heritage. We have become a trusted source for low and no added sugar dairy products, both yogurts and now chocolate milk.”

Maple Hill is made up of 150 small family-owned farms in Upstate New York and works to fight for the ethical treatment of animals and focuses their efforts on regenerative and sustainable agriculture.

“We founded this company by making products that our family would eat – clean, organic grass-fed with low or no sugar that tastes great,” said Julia Joseph, co-founder of Maple Hill. “I am very proud of our next new product as it fills a gap in the dairy industry and is what consumers are looking for.” 

Those interested in trying the new milk can find it at Whole Foods Markets, Natural Grocers, Vitamin Cottage, as well as other retailers.