WELLINGTON, ENGLAND – British and Irish cheese importer Somerdale International announced it is expanding its line of Claddagh Bó Irish Cheddar in the US, making available Claddagh Bó Irish Whiskey Cheddar and Claddagh Bó Irish Porter Cheddar flavors.

The trio of cheeses originate from Old Irish Creamery on the country’s west coast. All of the products from the O’Doherty family’s creamery are made using milk from grass-fed cows.

Somerdale describes the Claddagh Bó Irish Whiskey Cheddar, which is flavored with single malt Irish whiskey, as rich and creamy, with a bold flavor.

The Claddagh Bó Irish Porter Cheddar, meanwhile, takes on a marbled look after being covered in an original Irish porter stout, contributing to its deep flavor, per Somerdale.

The imported line of cheddars from the Old Irish Creamery also includes Claddagh Bó Original, a 12-month aged cheddar.