NEW YORK — Commercial and industrial refrigeration design-build firm InterCool USA, LLC recently received an additional strategic investment from RF Investment Partners.

RF first invested in InterCool in 2019, and followed that with capital infusions to bolster the Texas-based firm’s growth.

Intercool has been involved with projects in 46 US states in the past three years. The company offers engineering, design, construction and system analysis services in sectors such as food and beverage, low-temperature cold storage and distribution and logistics.

“Not only has RF provided InterCool growth capital to position the company as an industry leader, but their support has also driven operational excellence and helped develop a winning company culture,” said Clay Hill, executive vice president of growth and strategy at InterCool. “With RF’s backing, InterCool has become recognized as an industry stalwart, burnishing our reputation by delivering best-in-class customer service in the face of pandemic challenges and constantly evolving industry demands.”

Per InterCool, it has more than doubled its revenue and employee base since RF’s platform investment began in 2019. The firm shared that RF’s recent growth investment supported expansion capabilities, such as opening a fabrication-compressor repair facility in York, Pa., this year. InterCool in 2019 acquired the industrial refrigeration division of Freije-RSC, a move the firm said RF helped facilitate.

Part of RF’s strategy involves investing in small businesses, providing capital ranging from $5 million to $30 million.

“In the last three years, RF has had the privilege to back InterCool’s evolution in every sense of the word — from the proliferation of platform capabilities and customer-oriented services to truly becoming a standout leader in the industry,” said Peter Rothschild, an RF co-founder and managing partner.