TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – Animal-free dairy producer and developer Remilk learned its BLG protein may now be used and sold in another North American country, with the company receiving a “letter of no objection” from Health Canada.

Remilk shared that the official green light from Canada signals its protein can be an ingredient in milk, ice cream, yogurt, cream cheese and other products sold in that country.

The food tech developer said products made with its animal-free protein are lactose-free, contain neither cholesterol nor growth hormones, and come with nutritional and environmental benefits. Remilk shared that its BLG milk protein, produced with precision fermentation, is equivalent to its traditional counterpart found in cow’s milk.

"This is an important day for us at Remilk, and a historic one for Canada as it opens its doors to the new-dairy revolution,” said the company’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Aviv Wolff. “We developed a strategic roadmap for regulatory approvals around the world, recognizing that CPG companies seek solutions that benefit consumers throughout North America.”

In early 2023, Remilk received a “no questions letter" from the United States Food and Drug Administration, as well as regulatory approval from the Singapore Food Authority.

Wolff said the company prioritized Canada in its regulatory strategy, following the FDA’s stamp of approval.

"There's a lot to love in dairy, which is why we set out to create a solution that will enable consumers to enjoy the taste of the dairy they love, without dairy's environmental and health-related drawbacks,” Wolff said. “The recognition from Health Canada, which follows years of R&D and major investments by Remilk, led to this pivotal moment, enabling a substantial market entry."

The Israel-based animal-free protein manufacturer produces its ingredient at commercial scale at a number of worldwide locations.