BOULDER, COLO. – As part of the US Food and Drug Administration’s efforts to make more infant formula available, The a2 Milk Company received discretion from the FDA to supply the US market with its a2 Platinum Premium infant milk formula, which is manufactured in New Zealand.

The company shared that it expects to sell as many as 1 million cans through June 30, 2023, as long as the FDA’s enforcement discretion for the imports is still active at that point.

Additionally, The a2 Milk Company can sell its stage three toddler product in the US.

The New Zealand-based company began selling its fresh milk products in the US in 2015. The company’s leadership stated it now anticipates being able to secure further distribution for a2 Platinum with nationwide retailers.

“As a major global provider of infant formula, receiving permission to bring our a2 Platinum formula to the US will enable us to help address current supply shortages across the country with a product that parents have trusted internationally for more than a decade,” said Blake Waltrip, chief executive officer of The a2 Milk Company USA.

The company makes its milk products, including its formula, with a2 Milk, which comes from cows that naturally produce just the A2 protein type and not the A1 type. Its a2 Milk currently gets distributed to more than 27,000 stores in the US.

The FDA’s increased flexibility of imports also allowed Danone to import Aptamil Care formula from Ireland.