BOULDER, COLO. – The a2 Milk Company’s Platinum Premium Infant Formula made its United States debut this month, with distribution reaching close to 300 select retail stores and the product becoming available to purchase online.

The company shared that the formula is made with fresh – not powdered – a2 Milk as its first ingredient and formulated for infant digestion, with the milk containing only the A2-type of protein. It said the milk is sourced from a select group of New Zealand dairy farms and produced at nearby state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

The a2 Milk Company also noted the formula contains key ingredients for growth and development, including Vitamin E, prebiotics, DHA and choline. And it contains neither preservatives, palm oil, corn syrup nor rBST growth hormone.

The product is sold in 14.1 oz and 31.7 oz cans. The a2 Platinum formula is available to purchase at Meijer and Wegman's locations, as well as online at the company’s website. Plus, the company said the formula will soon be available for online purchase through Amazon.

The company received in 2022 discretion from the US Food and Drug Administration to supply the US market with its infant milk formula. The a2 Platinum product first launched internationally 10-plus years ago and the manufacturer shared that its formula brands achieve annual retail sales of more than $1 billion.

The a2 Milk Company has sold other products in the US since 2015. Its milk products get distributed to more than 27,000 stores in the US.