FRISCO, TEXAS – Industrial machinery manufacturer GEA recently opened a new technology center for food processing and packaging.

A 15,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility located in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas, the tech center makes use of 40-plus pieces of GEA food manufacturing equipment.

GEA built the facility so it could invite customers in North and South America to test machines in person, as well as train employees. Additionally, the tech center features analytical capabilities for test results, allowing companies to evaluate processes for yield, quality and economic viability.

Ananta Islam, GEA’s vice president of food and healthcare, North America, said moving into the new facility allowed the company to offer more innovations, adding that the improvements will bring additional value to GEA customers.

“Since its inception in 2014, the goal of the North American location has been to provide partnership opportunities for both GEA and our customers,” Islam said. “In addition to welcoming R&D teams, we offer this facility for customer staff training and technical seminars with industry experts.”

The company’s new space includes nine complete processing lines, as well as corporate offices, a spare parts warehouse and a tool shop for manufacturing GEA packaging and forming equipment die sets.