PLYMOUTH, WIS. – Sartori Cheese announced it will embark on a fourth generation of family leadership, with Bert Sartori becoming the company’s new chief executive officer.

Bert Sartori takes over the 83-year-old family business after his father, Jim Sartori, served as CEO for close to 30 years.

The Wisconsin-based company expects Bert Sartori to bring “a unique creative vision” to the artisanal cheesemaking establishment, while also honoring the company’s commitment to its longstanding craft.

The new CEO said, “Sartori Cheese has always represented a culture of cheesemaking that celebrates creativity, passion and authenticity. I’m proud to lead a company anchored in tradition while pushing the boundaries of our craft so we can share new-to-the-world, award-worthy cheeses with people across the globe.”

Sartori Cheese employs four dozen licensed cheesemakers, a group that includes one of only two female Master Cheesemakers in Wisconsin.

“Making great cheese starts with exceptional people – and we’re excited to continue investing in the talented, dedicated members of our team,” Bert Sartori said.

The fourth-generation CEO’s great-grandfather, Paolo Sartori, founded the company as an Italian immigrant in 1939. Bert’s grandfather, Joe Sartori, led the business prior to Jim Sartori, Bert’s father.

Bert Sartori earned an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He is a licensed cheesemaker with more than 17 years of experience in finance, operations and business development, per the company.

Sartori Cheese shared that his vision for the company’s future centers around “a continued partnership with Wisconsin’s best dairy farms and a steadfast commitment to the craft of cheesemaking.”