PLYMOUTH, WIS. – Diving into the dips and spreads category for the first time, artisan cheesemaker Sartori Company announced the debut of its Merlot BellaVitano and Garlic & Herb BellaVitano.

Launching exclusively at Publix stores, the new spread and dip options from Sartori deliver its original BellaVitano cheese in a new format, making it easy to use as a sandwich spread or dip for chips, crackers and vegetables, the company suggested.

“At Sartori, we’re always exploring new ways to push the boundaries of flavor and product innovation,” said Bert Sartori, the Wisconsin-based cheese company’s chief executive officer. “We’re excited to introduce these two new spread and dip flavors in a way that does justice to the signature BellaVitano taste our customers know and love.”

Sartori describes its new Merlot BellaVitano as rich and creamy, with notes of berry and plum formulated to be reminiscent of a “robust” red wine. The Garlic & Herb BellaVitano, meanwhile, features “the spicy warmth of garlic, the brightness of lemon zest and the earthy taste of parsley” to complement the company’s BellaVitano cheese.

The family-owned cheesemaker said the rising popularity of cheese dips inspired Sartori to provide customers with “its own unique take” on the category.

As Sartori’s newest product debut, the company noted Publix is offering a limited-time, buy-one-get-one-free deal on the spreads and dips from Oct. 12-18.