ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ. — Unilever North America is introducing a variety of Reese’s branded ice cream and frozen dessert products. Formats include an ice cream sandwich, light ice cream, mini pieces light ice cream, frozen dairy dessert, frozen dairy dessert bar, frozen dessert cup and cones.

The cones come in packages of eight and are available in two varieties — peanut butter cones and chocolate cones.

"Partnering with Reese’s to launch a brand-new line of frozen treats that have the same swirls of peanut butter, chocolate drizzles and chunks found in America’s No. 1 candy is certainly something worth screaming about,” said Russel Lilly, president of Unilever Ice Cream North America. “We’re excited to be bringing more Reese’s frozen treats to our fans than ever before — giving them exactly the kind of sweet treat they’ve been looking for.”

The Reese’s brand is being used under license from The Hershey Co., Hershey, Pa.