CHICAGO – With campfires and s’mores as an inspiration, Wells Enterprises, Inc.’s Blue Bunny brand collaborated with Stuffed Puffs Filled Marshmallows for its newest frozen dessert products.

The ice cream brand is launching Blue Bunny Stuffed Puffs scoopables and s’mores sandwiches.

The scoopable Blue Bunny Stuffed Puffs will debut first, in April, exclusively at Walmart locations. The new desserts will be available in S’mores, Cookies 'N Creme and Birthday Cake flavors.

In May, Blue Bunny Stuffed Puffs sandwiches will arrive in frozen aisles at Walmart and grocery stores in Classic S'mores and Salted Caramel S'mores flavors.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Stuffed Puffs Filled Marshmallows and believe that the playful indulgence of our frozen treats combined with their mission to promote more fun-filled lives is a match made in confectionery heaven," said Jeremy Hrynewycz, brand marketing director at Blue Bunny. "These disruptive innovations are the first of their kind by delivering a filled marshmallow experience in multiple frozen forms. We're excited for shoppers to be surprised and delighted with each bite.”

Pennsylvania-based Stuffed Puffs Filled Marshmallows debuted in 2019 by filling marshmallows with real chocolate. The company’s founder and chief executive officer, Mike Tierney, said the collaboration with Blue Bunny will bring the essence of its products to the freezer aisle.

"As a massive ice cream fan, the new innovations will bring all the fun of our original fluffy marshmallow candy to everyone's favorite frozen treats that the whole family can enjoy together,” Tierney said.