LA FERTE-BERNARD, FRANCE – International packaging machinery manufacturer Serac announced it acquired NFM and its subsidiary DOSELEC.

Based in Falaise, France, DOSELEC manufactures dosing systems and filling machines for pre-formed cups.

Serac shared that its acquisition transpired amid strong demand in the dairy products market, as well as the market for food products in cups. Terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

“DOSELEC’s expertise is a natural fit with the Serac Group's core business in technical filling and consolidates our position in a fast-growing global market,” said Philippe Farrugia, executive general manager of the Serac Group.

DOSELEC manufactures high performance equipment for dairy, cheese and ice cream businesses, as well as for the dessert, pastry, bakery, baby food and pet food markets.

Manuel Colasse, general manager at DOSELEC, said the company was pleased to join the Serac Group.

“This will allow DOSELEC to rely on the international expertise of the Serac Group to establish itself in places where it was difficult to go alone,” Colasse said.

Serac designs, assembles and supplies packaging solutions to consumer packaged goods manufacturers, including dairy businesses. Dairy products processed on Serac machines include milks, yogurts, liquid cream, cheese, sour cream and more.