TILLAMOOK, ORE. – Tillamook County Creamery Association and New Seasons Market announced they are partnering on a regenerative agriculture project involving native riparian forest habitat to sequester carbon and improve ecosystems on farms.

Both of the certified B Corps will contribute $15,000 to plant roughly five acres of native, woody vegetation on regional dairy farms that are part of the Tillamook cooperative.

The pair of Oregon-based brands shared that the planting of diverse species of native trees and shrubs “will sequester carbon, protect and improve water quality and enhance wildlife habitat.” They said additional acres will be part of the project if they are awarded a USDA Conservation Innovation Grant for which they applied.

“Customers tell us that the brands they shop for and grocery markets they shop at should be doing good for the planet,” said Jocelyn Bridson, Tillamook’s director of environment and community impact. “At the same time, it is critical that we support farmers as we ask them to implement environmental solutions. We saw an opportunity to engage everyone in the supply chain – from the farmers to the brand, to the retailer – to improve environmental impacts and outcomes.”  

The companies said the project, which marks the first time for Tillamook partnering with a retail customer, will improve their environmental footprints and help them meet climate goals.

“Working in partnerships to accelerate regenerative agriculture within our supply chain is part of the solution to creating a low-carbon and resilient regional food economy,” said Athena Petty, New Seasons Market’s senior manager of sustainability.

Per the companies, the riparian forest planting project is scheduled to begin during the 2023-24 winter season, and it will involve volunteer opportunities for both sides of the partnership.