NEW YORK – Tony's Chocolonely and Ben & Jerry's introduced their new collaborative products inspired by popular flavors from the two companies. Tony’s will debut Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Strawberry Cheesecake chocolate bars, while Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavor is Chocolatey Love A-Fair.

One of Tony’s new bars features dark milk chocolate and brownie pieces, while the other includes white cheesecake-style chocolate, plus strawberries and cookie pieces. The new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor is made with chocolate ice cream, salted caramel swirls, caramel chunks and sea salt fudge chunks.

The companies jointly announced in 2022 Ben & Jerry's plans to convert its ice cream portfolio to be a part of Tony’s open chain, prioritizing the cocoa in its ice cream base mix. 

Tony’s operates with a stated mission to end modern slavery and child labor in the chocolate industry. The open chain helps companies ensure a fully traceable cocoa supply chain and pays a higher price to address poverty, which has been identified as the root cause of social injustice for cocoa farmers. Ben & Jerry’s will pay a fair trade premium and a living income reference price for its cocoa, as well as a fee to further support partner cooperatives.

Ben & Jerry’s already started converting to fully traceable cocoa beans.