MILWAUKEE – Montchevre, Saputo USA’s goat cheese brand, announced it has new products and flavors on the way in the months ahead, as well as updated packaging.

The brand shared that its new goat cheese logs, called Montchevre Duos, will debut as early as mid-fall. Hailed as two-in-one flavor mashups, the products will be available in Sweet Hot Peppers + Garlic & Herbs, as well as Blueberry + Lemonade.

Additionally, Montchevre revealed a new flavor – Thai Sweet Chili – for its Topped Goat Cheese line. The brand said it expects the flavor to be available at retail locations in the early fall, adding that its Topped products, which launched in 2022, were created to meet consumers’ desire for “elevated snacking.” 

New packaging for the brand’s products includes horizontal orientation for its fresh goat cheese logs.

Coinciding with the product updates, Montchevre launched a new brand campaign that encourages customers to "Make Mischief with Montchevre." The brand said the comical ads feature mischievous goats that highlight innovations.

"Goat cheese demand continues to rise, as does consumer demand for complementary and complex flavor combinations," said Jenny Englert, Saputo USA’s marketing director. "With the Montchevre brand, we're purposely mischievous in our innovations and always looking for those unique flavor profiles and product combinations that break the norm and help us stay ahead of trends and consumer demand."