PITTSBURGH — In anticipation of the Fourth of July, the Kraft Heinz Co. is releasing its new Kraft Singles Apple Pie.

Developed in partnership with the New York-based Little Pie Co., the dessert features a single-serving pie made with cinnamon, nutmeg, light brown sugar and Kraft Singles cheese and topped with an additional slice of melted cheese.

The pies will be sold in pairs of two online via Goldbelly, for $44.99, or in-person at the Little Pie Co. location in New York for $10.95, while supplies last.

“Kraft Singles is a small ingredient that makes a big difference, and we are on a mission to make simple irresistible and reignite America’s love for Kraft American Cheese,” said Kelsey Rice, associate director for Kraft Singles at Kraft Heinz. “Melting cheese on top of apple pie is a tradition we see many of our fans enjoy, so we wanted to remind people that Kraft Singles multiplies the enjoyment of whatever food you are eating and inspire new ways to enjoy our product beyond the grill.”