LUTZ, FLA. – The product inspection division of Mettler Toledo updated its ProdX inspection device management software, which now includes an optimized web dashboard and automated reporting capabilities.

Per Mettler Toledo Product Inspection Group, ProdX was developed for a wide range of bulk and packaged food applications. The manufacturer said the software is compatible with “virtually all” Mettler-Toledo metal detectors, checkweighers, X-ray systems and vision inspection systems.

The company shared that processors can monitor inspection equipment remotely with ProdX and collect, save, search and share data. The software was made to help companies address their food safety work, comply with regulatory requirements and improve efficiency.

“The days of filing cabinets are long gone,” said Robert Rogers, senior adviser, food safety and regulations, for Mettler Toledo. “Thanks to our ProdX software, food processors and contract packers can seamlessly compile highly secure digital documentation to maximize product quality and prove due diligence with minimal manual labor.

“We’re always listening to our customers and looking for ways to improve all our solutions, including software. This new iteration of ProdX has some valuable new capabilities that help customers better meet safety standards while simplifying use.”

The updates to the software provide processors with access to automated evaluations and summary reports, which also allows them to compare product runs and shifts.

Plus, ProdX’s developers said the new web dashboard mimics smart devices with an intuitive user interface for monitoring data, reviewing contamination events and running reports.

The company said the software, ProdX 2.6, is available for new and existing Mettler Toledo inspection systems and is compatible with some third party checkweighers.

More information on the software and its capabilities is available online at the Mettler Toledo website.