MILWAUKEE – Saputo USA launched a new brand campaign, complete with a packaging overhaul, for its cave-aged blue cheese brand, Treasure Cave.

The company said products featuring the updated design will arrive at retail dairy aisles this month. A new logo for Treasure Cave, Saputo shared, features a cave with an opening in the shape of Wisconsin.

Additionally, the package design has larger windows for product visibility, and the packaging lists the blue cheese’s flavor and age details.

The brand’s concurring ad campaign, the company revealed, involves a “mystical treasure cave” and “bold and flavorful” characters. Per Saputo, the ads will run in key markets through premium video, programmatic video and social environments. They also are posted to the Treasure Cave YouTube page.

Jenny Englert, marketing director for Saputo USA, said the brand and the campaign are embracing the “bold and funky flavors” of blue cheese.

Treasure Cave originated as a blue cheese brand in the 1930s, when the process involved producing blue cheese inside caves in Faribault, Minn. The products now are made in a processing facility in Almena, Wis., with curing cells.