NESS ZIONA, ISRAEL – Biopharmaceutical manufacturer Mileutis Ltd. developed a new therapy for dairy cows called Imilac that it said addresses udder inflammation by replacing the routine use of antibiotics.

The company shared that clinical trials involving more than 500 dairy cows were conducted at seven different commercial dairy farms in Israel. Results also showed milk sourced from those cows had a 7.2% increase in protein content, a 4% increase in fat content and 8.6% increase in energy corrected milk yield per cow over the course of 305 days.

Mileutis said the trial took place at dairy farms that provide milk to two of Israel’s largest dairy companies, Yotvata Dairy (which is part of the Strauss Health Group, partially owned by Danone) and Tnuva.

Per Mileutis, the trial included a follow-up period of one year and analyzed the quantity and quality of milk from dairy cows that used Imilac therapy compared to dairy cows treated with traditional antibiotics.

“Dairy farmers can now look forward to a future where the milk they produce will contain higher nutritional characteristics for consumers, will be more profitable for the farmers themselves and environmentally friendly, thanks to the advancements pioneered by Mileutis,” said David Javier Iscovich, chief executive officer and co-founder of Mileutis.“Beyond an increase in the yield and welfare of cows, the improved profitability of dairy farmers can impact milk prices and benefit the broader consumer market while meeting growing global demand.”

The company’s president and co-founder, Dr. Jose Iscovich, leads research and development. He called the Imilac therapy a breakthrough not only for the dairy industry, but also consumers and the environment.

“Improved milk quality and yield will not only promote high quality consumption for individuals but also contribute to a more environmentally efficient milk production process,” the president and co-founder said. “Consumers can anticipate a future where they will enjoy better milk, produced by healthier cows, and with superior nutritional values. At Mileutis, our goal remains steadfast in our commitment to ensuring the welfare of cows while maintaining the integrity of the milk production process."

Yotvata Dairy CEO Ram Srugo said the company implemented a sustainable dairy program for its farms in recent years and has evaluated cows’ living conditions, health, environmental impact and other factors.

“Our association with Mileutis, with its breakthrough development of antibiotic substitutes, allows us to further enhance the welfare of our cows and align with our sustainability goals in the dairy farms,” Srugo said.

Mileutis revealed it also is working to develop another product line that will address other issues and estimated it could potentially reduce antibiotic usage in the dairy industry by as much as 90%.

Imilac Mileutis dairy cows clinical trials Strauss Health Groupe Danone protein content milkImage: Mileutis Ltd.