MEXICO - Heat and Control Inc., one of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers for both food and non-food processing industries, has announced that they broke ground on a new facility located in central Mexico. Located between Guadalajara and Lake Chapala, this facility will be the biggest that the company owns. 

“Guadalajara has a special place in my heart, and I am extremely proud of the team and what they have accomplished,” said Andy Caridis, founder and chairman of Heat and Control . “The new facility and the research and development capability is of extreme importance to me. I am compelled to find ways of making things better, to create new ways of production that make it easy for companies of all levels and capacity to take advantage of what the food industry has to offer.”

The company has had a deep history in Mexico for a number of years, starting all the way back in the 1980s. Setting up a new, larger facility in Mexico will help to significantly expand their reach to a broader audience of customers. 

“With this new plant we will increase our productivity, which will allow us to have a greater competitive advantage,” said Arturo Lorenzana, general manager of Heat and Control Mexico. “Cutting-edge machinery will help us automate and improve our manufacturing processes in order to continue leading the market.”

As the company wraps up its 70th year in operation, they have experienced investments in new technologies, such as the latest material automation machinery with fiber laser for cutting flat and tube material, water jet cutting equipment, deburring machines and a powder coating processing booth.

Food companies around the world will have increased opportunities to test Heat and Control equipment in their large demonstration center which includes access to inspection, packaging and six process production lines including Masa Maker™, taco/tostada and other food equipment. In addition to this, the manufacturing area footprint of 246,041 sq. ft. will take Heat and Control’s global manufacturing and warehouse capacity to over one million sq. ft.

With over 1,600 employees in more than 30 offices across the world, Heat and Control brings science, creativity and commitment to every project. Striving to do their best, they help customers bring their products to market.

“I thank the Guadalajara team for their ongoing dedication and hard work to make our Mexico and Latin American operations a success,” said Tony Caridis, president of Heat and Control. “The new facility will benefit Heat and Control globally, provide additional support to our customers and further reinforce our commitment to serving the industry.”