HAYWARD, CA -- Andrew “Andy” Caridis, founder of Heat and Control, celebrated a milestone this year in the form of his 100th birthday. For the first time in 15 months, the Hayward, Calif., team gathered on June 1 together to wish the founder the best as he enters this new chapter in his life. 

“The first 100 years was practice, the next 100 years is the real thing,” said Caridis. 

Caridis began his career in the food production industry in the 1950s. Over the course of 70 years, Caridis was credited with supervising over 130 patents involved in the food sector of the global manufacturing industry. Specifically, Caridis was responsible for the advancements in the production of french fries, snack foods and prepared meals. 

Caridis does not believe in a day off, as he is currently involved in R&D projects and is a supporter of various different engineering teams within the company. 

“Today, 100 years ago, Andy was born in San Francisco during the Great Depression,” said Tony Caridis, president of Heat and Control. “He joined the military and represented his country in World War II. At the age of 30, he joined with his buddies to create Heat and Control. That was 70 years ago and today there are almost 1,700 people contributing to the success of the company. This success is based on Andy’s hard work and ability to see the future and do the right thing.”