CHICAGO – Authentic Mexican dairy and chorizo producer V&V Supremo Foods, Inc., received the Best of Show award at this year’s Illinois State Fair Dairy Products Contest, with the top honor going to the company’s Queso Blanco Del Caribe.

In total, V&V Supremo Foods received 12 honors at the competition, between eight different products entered into various categories.

Along with the top scoring Queso Blanco Del Caribe, the company’s Crema Supremo Mexican Style Sour Cream, Chihuahua Brand Quesadilla Cheese with Jalapeño, Chihuahua Brand Quesadilla Shredded with Jalapeño, Sierra Brand Cotija Cheese, Queso Fresco, Chihuahua Brand Quesadilla Cheese and Shredded Chihuahua Brand Quesadilla Cheese also were honored.

"Our success at the Illinois State Fair, where we earned 11 Blue Ribbons and a prestigious 'Best of Show' award, reflects V&V Supremo Foods' promise to offer only the best,” said Gilberto Villasenor II, chief visionary officer for the company. “We are proud to share our passion for excellence with dairy lovers around the country."

Founded by natives of Mexico in 1964, V&V Supremo Foods services the retail and foodservice industries and is one of the country’s oldest family-run Hispanic food businesses.