CHICAGO – Authentic Mexican dairy and chorizo producer V&V Supremo Foods, Inc., expanded its line of crema products, adding five flavors inspired by Latin American cuisine.

The new artisanal sour creams, which are produced in small batches using 100% pasteurized, Grade A whole cow's milk, are Crema Chihuahua, Crema Mexicana, Crema Mexicana de Casa, Crema Centro Americana and Crema Salvadoreña.

Per V&V Supremo, the Crema Chihuahua is the crème fraiche of Mexican cremas, with a hint of tanginess. Crema Mexicana is Mexican style crema agria with “an appealing light golden hue,” while Crema Mexicana de Casa is a Mexican style crema “with a very slight tang and creamy hue.” Crema Centro Americana comes in the classic Central American style, described as savory, with a “very slight tang” and a touch of salt. And Crema Salvadoreña pays homage to the Salvadoran style, delivering a “savory, dairy-rich” flavor.

All five new products are made with no preservatives or rBGH artificial hormones.

"With this expansion, our consumers will be able to find more options that cater to their needs," said Gilberto Villaseñor II, the company’s chief visionary officer.

V&V Supremo describes crema as one of the most important ingredients in Mexican cooking, as well as a popular element in other Latin American cuisine.

Founded by natives of Mexico in 1964, the company services the retail and foodservice industries and is one of the country’s oldest family-run Hispanic food businesses.

Earlier in 2022, V&V Supremo acquired Mill Creek Cheese, a cheese plant in Iowa County, Wis.