GARDEN CITY, NY – Dutch Gouda maker Artikaas launched its newest cheese product, Holy Sheep, an aged Gouda made from 100% sheep’s milk and imported exclusively by Dutch Cheese Makers.

Aged for more than nine months for what the company described as a distinctive mouthfeel and crystalline texture, the Gouda is made with sheep’s milk sourced from a family farmstead in Holland. Artikaas said Holy Sheep has a flavor profile that is nutty and slightly sweet.

"We're extremely excited to expand our line by adding our first sheep Gouda," said Jessica Frey, marketing director for Dutch Cheese Makers. "Using sheep's milk to make a Gouda style cheese is quite unique in the Netherlands. Holy Sheep is a testament to our commitment to crafting exceptional Dutch cheeses that embody over six generations of innovation, tradition and an unwavering dedication to quality."

Artikaas shared that it is producing its Holy Sheep cheese in both 9 lb wheels and 6 oz cuts. Its products are sold at retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

The family-owned brand works with 800-plus partners in the Netherlands to create its various cheese products. Artikaas said it prioritizes sustainability and zero-waste practices in its production process.