FENNIMORE, WIS. – Carr Valley Cheese has seen strong growth in demand for its grab-and-go cheeses, said Elle Fearing, director of sales and brand development.

A return to normal following COVID-19 is one big reason why.

"Consumers are traveling again for work or pleasure, and they need a high-protein, healthy, all-natural snack,” Fearing said. “Cheese fits that bill.”

Carr Valley’s Snack Stix line of grab-and-go cheeses comes in seven high-end flavors: Bread Cheese, Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar, Fontina, Gouda, Smoked Cheddar, Goat Cheddar and Native Sheep.

The goat and sheep cheeses, in particular, make Snack Stix a “very unique” product, Fearing said.

Goat Cheddar and Bread Cheese are the top sellers in the line. Goat Cheddar is a hit, Fearing said, because there aren’t many non-cow milk options in the cheese snack category. It’s perfect not only for consumers who can’t have cow milk cheese, but also for those who just want a more elevated snack. Bread Cheese is Carr Valley’s top-selling item in any category. The 1.2-oz grab-and-go version of it is perfect for dipping into coffee or popping in the microwave for a quick melty snack.

“Customers love our cheeses because of the pleasant, balanced flavors, which transcend into this snack size,” Fearing said.

Fontina and Gouda are the newest products in the Snack Stix line, added in recent years to fill gaps in the market.