ARLINGTON, VA. – Bringing a staple of breakfast plates to a staple of morning mugs, Nestlé introduced its upcoming Coffee mate variety, Eggo Waffles with Maple Syrup Flavored Creamer.

Nestlé shared that it developed the limited-time product to deliver notes of waffles, maple syrup and butter, noting fans requested the winter weather mash-up.

“Coffee mate fans know that we’re dedicated to bringing new, sought-after and unexpected flavors to our limited-time offerings to add an exciting twist to their daily coffee routines,” said Leonardo Aizpuru, vice president of brand marketing for Nestlé’s beverage division and business unit. “Breakfast flavors, particularly maple, are amongst the top requested – and as breakfast and coffee go hand-in-hand, we thought [there was] no better pairing than Coffee mate and Eggo. Nothing adds cheer to your coffee cup like a hint of nostalgia, fresh from the toaster.”

The new waffles-inspired creamer will arrive at retailers in January, 2024.

The company also recently introduced Nestlé Sensations Eggo Maple Waffle Flavored Milk, developed for on-the-go mornings.