CANFIELD, OHIO – Scoop shop chain Handel's Homemade Ice Cream revealed its latest handcrafted creation, Carrot Cake Ice Cream.

The company said it makes the new limited-time ice cream flavor with a carrot cake base, cinnamon, nutmeg, bits of raisins and cream cheese ripple.

"Our flavor innovation strategy at Handel's focuses on bringing familiar classics to life in a fun and comforting way, perfectly exemplified through our Carrot Cake recipe," said Jennifer Schuler, chief executive officer. "Ice cream is a universally cherished treat that can be enjoyed in its simplest form yet also serves as a foundation for exploring new and captivating flavors, toppings and textures."

The seasonal release, the company shared, will be available at all Handel’s locations – by the scoop or the pint – throughout the month of May.

"With nearly 80 years of flavor innovation under our belt, we have a way of bringing to life flavors that give guests that moment of awe when they say, 'that tastes just like…' and transporting them back to a familiar classic," Schuler said.

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream, founded in 1945, said each batch is made fresh daily, using the original methods and recipes of Handel’s creator Alice Handel.