IRVINGTON, NY – A lawsuit against Bartlett Dairy, Inc., Jamaica, NY, and Farmland Fresh Dairies, LLC, Newark, NJ, was settled by Richman Law & Policy, the firm announced. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

The defendants in the lawsuit denied allegations that the “no antibiotics” label used on Farmland Fresh Dairies’ non-organic dairy products was misleading because antibiotics are given to cows who produce those products.

Farmland Fresh Dairies did not admit any liability, and agreed to remove “no antibiotics” statements from its non-organic dairy products.

Richman Law & Policy, which settled client Andrew Gibson’s lawsuit against the dairy producers, noted that any dairy farm that is not certified organic can legally give dairy cows “a wide variety of antibiotics, including but not limited to beta-lactam antibiotics.”

The law firm also noted that state and federal laws require the testing of raw milk for certain commonly used beta-lactam antibiotics as part of the process for making sure residues fall within the US Food and Drug Administration’s established thresholds.