WASHINGTON – The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) announced the creation of a new event as part of its ongoing initiative supporting women. Scheduled for Nov. 16, 2024, in Savannah, Ga., Every Woman’s Marathon is both designed by and for women, the organization shared.

Referencing interviews it commissioned with 880 female and 325 male runners this past September, MilkPEP revealed that nearly 90% of female runners wanted a more inclusive race experience “that celebrates all athletic abilities, ages and body types.” MilkPEP said its new marathon was designed “to be inclusive, beginner-friendly and attuned to the unique needs of women at every stage of their marathon journey.”

To put together the inaugural Every Woman’s Marathon, MilkPEP sought insights from a variety of accomplished female runners, including Olympic medalist Deena Kastor, trailblazer Alison Mariella Désir and two-time Olympian and 2018 Boston Marathon winner Des Linden.

The organization said its two-day event will be more than just a race, describing it as a “wellness weekend,” with enriching activities and insightful panels.

Coinciding with the announcement, MilkPEP also revealed its plans to donate $100,000 to each of the event’s five charity sponsors: 61 Fearless, Black Girls RUN!, Girls on the Run, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“Milk has a centuries-old legacy of fueling performance and aiding recovery and can help runners go the distance with its unique nutritional package,” said MilkPEP chief executive officer Yin Woon Rani. “We proudly recognize and champion the unique needs of women, and this marathon, crafted for and by women, will redefine the traditional marathon experience. Together, let’s make Every Woman’s Marathon not just a race but a celebration of female empowerment, resilience and the unstoppable spirit of every woman.”

Women may sign up for the marathon online at the event’s website.

Washington, D.C.-based MilkPEP is funded by US milk companies and focuses on educating consumers and increasing consumption of fluid milk.