LEOMINSTER, MASS. – Packaging machinery and solutions supplier IMA Dairy & Food USA unveiled a new sharpening grinder for its Zero Technology cutting tools.

The company, which works with dairy and food manufacturers through various IMA group brands, shared that its Zero tech helps manufacturers adopt sustainable, monomaterial cup packages and its new “sophisticated” grinder expedites the cutting tool sharpening process.

Per IMA Dairy & Food, the grinding technology makes it possible to sharpen individual cutting teeth on site, decreasing production downtime.

The Zero solution, the company added, can cut as many as 24 cups at a time using materials such as PET, PP and PLA, and was developed for “easily breaking multipacks into individual units.”

The new grinder may be outfitted or retrofitted for use with most form-fill-seal machines, IMA Dairy & Food shared, adding that “FFS equipment from companies in the IMA family seamlessly incorporate Zero Technology with advanced grinding capabilities.”

The company said interchangeable cutting elements with replaceable components may reduce line stoppage to 20 minutes, compared to the hours it takes to switch out an entire cutting tool.

Eyeing sustainability, IMA Dairy & Food said outfitting a formed cup with a PET lid and label creates a completely recyclable package.

The company’s equipment solutions are part of Gasti, Hamba, Hassia, Fillshape, Corazza, Erca, AlphaMAC and Intecma brands.