LEWISVILLE, TEXAS – Software and services supplier Ever.Ag shared that it elevated its global dairy market services with the strategic acquisition of Australia-based Freshagenda, which specializes in dairy market analysis.

Ever.Ag announced the integration of Freshagenda’s products and services into Ever.Ag’s insights division, which it anticipates providing “unparalleled expertise and services in the global dairy markets.”

Freshagenda’s Global Insights suite is available via Ever.Ag’s Insights portal, which serves as a landing spot for industry research, analysis and news.

"Bringing Freshagenda into the Ever.Ag family is a milestone in our mission to deliver exceptional value to the agricultural sector,” said Scott Sexton, chief executive officer at Ever.Ag. “Their expertise in the dairy market enhances our ability to offer advanced financial services and insights, solidifying our leadership in global dairy market services."

Per Ever.Ag, the company expects this collaboration to yield “significant benefits for clients,” such as market intelligence, strategic financial planning and risk management services.

Steve Spencer, CEO of Freshagenda, said Ever.Ag shares the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

“This partnership enables us to leverage Ever.Ag's extensive resources, expanding our reach and impact within the global dairy community,” Spencer said.