LEWISVILLE, TEXAS – Software and services supplier Ever.Ag revealed that it acquired Integrated Control & Information Systems and its Plant Energy product suite.

Terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

The innovative technology, which will now be known as Ever.Ag Energy Manager, brings energy management solutions to the dairy and distilling industries, allowing companies “to monitor and improve energy efficiency at an unprecedented level of detail,” Ever.Ag shared.

The supply chain technology company called the acquisition strategic, and said it emphasizes Ever.Ag’s “commitment to enhancing our comprehensive services across the global food supply chain, particularly emphasizing ESG objectives.”

Ever.Ag chief executive officer Scott Sexton said the company always looks for ways to extend its global reach.

“This acquisition aligns perfectly with our mission to provide the most advanced and integrated solutions to our clients,” Sexton said. “Their expertise in energy management and sustainability is unparalleled and will be invaluable in our journey to innovate and lead in this sector."

The newly rebranded Ever.Ag Energy Manager, the company said, delivers detailed monitoring and targeted improvement of energy consumption in processes and equipment, including individual devices in facilities. The technology also works with historical data on the first day it is incorporated to drive operational efficiency.

Per Ever.Ag, companies who already use the technology include Chobani, Diageo and Pfizer.

Said Des Cooling, former CEO of Integrated Control & Information Systems, who now leads Ever.Ag Energy Manager: "This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art energy management and sustainability solutions across the global food and beverage supply chain. Together, we are set to accelerate innovation, pushing the boundaries of operational efficiency and sustainability."