SPRINGFIELD, MO. – Hiland Dairy introduced a new option in its milk line, launching lactose-free milk that gets freshly produced at its Kansas City, Mo., processing plant.

The farmer-owned dairy foods company shared that its lactose-free milk won’t use ultra high temperature (UHT) methods, and will be produced daily at the facility.

The lactose-free gallons from Hiland Dairy arrive in whole milk and 2% options.

"The launch of our lactose-free milk is a direct response to the evolving dietary needs and health trends of today's consumers," said Sarah Carey, marketing manager for Hiland Dairy. "We recognize the growing market for specialized dietary products. With this new offering, we're excited to provide a fresh, delicious option for those who cannot drink milk due to lactose intolerance without compromising the taste and quality Hiland Dairy is known for."

Hiland Dairy said its Kansas City plant began producing and distributing lactose-free milk in Mid-March.