ROSEMONT, ILL. – Seeking to provide a behind the scenes view of modern dairy farming and highlight how the dairy industry contributes to health and sustainability, various entities from the United States dairy industry turned to comedian and actress Vanessa Bayer, host of the new “Dairy Diaries” streaming series.

Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) shared that “Dairy Diaries,” backed by US dairy farmers, processors and importers, follows Bayer as she explores Beck Farms, a fourth-generation dairy in upstate New York.

DMI said the series, which debuted April 22 on Roku, shines a spotlight on innovations and animal care practices that are shaping the future of dairy.

“As someone who consumes more dairy, and specifically cheese, than I'd like to admit, I wanted to learn about how milk gets from the farm to the store,” Bayer said. “I was particularly interested to hear how the industry is working to become more sustainable, because obviously we all gotta get ‘moo-ving’ in that department. While I didn't get as much free ice cream as I had hoped, I learned a lot, and I think the audience will, as well.”

The series’ makers said it focuses on how dairy can be a catalyst for a healthier, more sustainable future. It also shows the testing standards for milk that ensure its safety and nutrients, and provides examples of actions dairies are taking to reduce waste, produce cleaner energy and contribute to a healthier planet.

“Dairy Diaries” also features expert perspectives from Dr. Joe McFadden, associate professor of dairy cattle biology at Cornell University, and Dr. Laura Brown, a veterinarian. McFadden is researching the utilization of seaweed in cows’ diets and how it may help reduce methane emissions by as much as 90%.

DMI, funded by US dairy farmers and dairy importers, said the industry is “committed to leading innovations in new products, technologies and on-farm practices that will contribute to healthier people, planet and animals.” The organization also noted that Beck Farms and other dairy farms utilize closed-loop circular processes, such as using their cows’ manure to grow on-farm feed – an approach that reduces carbon emissions.

“We loved sharing our farm with Vanessa and are excited to share it with the world,” said Tyler Beck, owner of Beck Farms. “We hope ‘Dairy Diaries’ shows the great pride we take in our responsibility to nourish families with delicious dairy foods. So while it may seem odd to some, we wouldn’t give up the 3:30 a.m. wake-ups for anything.”

All five episodes of “Dairy Diaries” are available to stream for free via Roku.